How to start a travel blog and get paid?

While everyone feels that traveling is fun and maintaining a Travel blog is more fun! Don’t you think? Well, I have to burst your balloon because travel blogging isn’t as easy as it looks. It is far from it. Many travel bloggers rarely share the amount of hard work they face of behind-the-scenes that goes into making this lifestyle possible. So today I wanted to share a useful guideline on how to get started with travel blogging with the help of HostGator and Hostgator 1 cent coupon. Because that’s the first step if you ever want to become a professional blogger!

There are 10 easy steps to do so:

How To Start A Travel Blog

Making your first travel blog is quite really easy. If you follow the guidelines, you can create your blog right away. Make sure that some of the steps require spending money. So if you are interested in making money from your travel blog then keep reading.

1: Pick A Good Travel Blog Name

Always choose a Travel Blog name which is permanent. Make it short and memorable. Your name should be easy to spell and easy to pronounce. The words should not be overused. Opt for long terms words.

2: Choose Hosting For Your Blog

You will think that what the heck is hosting? You must know that most websites need to “rent” space on the internet. A place where you store all your blog’s data, photos so that whenever people type your domain name they can access to it easily. Hosting can be cheap but it varies from company to company. I thoroughly recommend new travel bloggers to get hosting with HostGator. Hostgator makes setting of new travel blog quite easy. Also I told you earlier about payment. Hostgator one cent coupon provides you with one cent for one month initial sign up. It is quite cheap right! So if you are just starting out, getting a shared hosting account with HostGator is much more convenient.

STEP 1: Click on the green button that says “get started now.”

STEP 2: Select an appropriate hosting plan.

STEP 3: Check whether your blog name (domain name) is available.

STEP 4: Add extra features if you want to.

Most of extra features are mostly needs except for Domain Privacy Protection. This will help to secure your page from random hackers. Otherwise, anyone can easily hack about who owns your site, giving them access to your mailing address, email, and phone number.

And now you are ready to Start Traveling Blogging!

3: Auto-Install Free WordPress Software

If you are serious about your travel blog, then you need a self-hosted WordPress account. This means that the WordPress will reside on your hosting company’s server. Even major brands like the BBC & Katy Perry use blogging platform for advertising their thoughts.
Installing WordPress with your HostGator Account is quite easy — because it’s done automatically!

Once you have installed you will be allowed to log in with your own username and password. Welcome to the group! You too now have a travel blog. That was quite easy. Right?

After you are done installing make sure that your page is maintained properly. Firstly you have to apply a proper blog theme. Then embrace the social media. Social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest and many others will help you to gain many followers. Update your page with your travel experience. Make sure that whatever you update has quality. Write about various places you travel, people and everything you feel. Your blog should attract people. Better first you write an “About Us” page. Let people know who you are, let them know your background information, why do you love traveling, what inspired you. Now here comes the important part. Professional travel blogger is someone who earns from his/her blog.

Here are tips of Making Money With Your Blog:

At first, family and friends will only be your readers. But that is absolutely fine! We all go through that phase. To begin making money with your travel blog, one must have a larger audience other than friends and family. The number of audience is directly proportional to your money, meaning more audiences more money and vice versa. For sure, that making audience needs time. So better focus on your quality of update rather than making audience.

Yes, traveling is a dream job, but travel blogging is still a job that needs tremendous hard work. You can’t just let it happen overnight! But as it says “No pain No gain” So Good luck and happy Travel Blogging.…