7 Ways technology has changed television

One of the greatest inventions of 20th century, television industry has seen drastic change over years. The involvement of the latest technology and internet in Television industry has propelled its growth many times. With all this evolution, viewers are benefited in many ways. They can watch TV whenever they want, wherever they want and however they want.

These are the major 7 changes TV industry has faced.

  1. Earlier, people used to wait for particular TV shows but now you can watch any show at any convenient time. TV shows can be easily recorded. Internet made it accessible to watch TV shows online. The services like Tivo, HULU and DVR made it possible to download any show or any movie of your choice.
  2. TV was designed to sit and watch but thanks to internet; viewers can interact through TV shows. Social media has provided viewers with such a platform where viewers can discuss the shows in real time.
  3. The latest technologies have influenced many TV broadcasts such as OPP or IPTV. These technologies directly deliver content to your devices either mobiles or computers.
  4. Internet TV is the latest sensation. You must have heard about Google TV, Roku TV, Apple TV, Boxee etc. A lot people are already using it. This internet TV does not require any cable connection or boxes.
  5. Network programming is another popular platform. Netflix, chromecast, Amazon prime is the latest platform for shows and movies. The network programming allows you to watch TV shows, videos or movies at cheaper prices.
  6. In all these past years, YouTuber werden has stolen all the fame. People get more engaged in watching and sharing videos.
  7. The technology has created emphasis on TV shows and TV series.

On the whole, new technology has made watching TV experience both beneficial and convenient.