Women in Technology: Time to Close the Gender Gap

Do you believe there is a gender gap in the tech world? Well of course, yes, there is and this is not only seen in the field of technology but almost in every workforce. Although the number of working women has increased significantly compared to the past, there is still a gap that needs to be fixed in many fields including the tech industry.

UK-based Market Research Company, Statista, reveals that although there has been a good percentage rise of women in the total labor force around the world, it is still yet to reach the 50-50 target and that the number of women in the tech sector is much lower. Based on a survey conducted across various technology-related companies, Microsoft accounts for only 26 percent of women workforce while Netflix has around 43 percent of women workforce. ┬áThis number is further reduced when it comes to the number of women holding leadership positions where only less than 25 percent of the total Senior-level, Executive, and other management positions are occupied by women in the major tech companies. As such, the status of women across different tech industries is not even remotely close to the 50-50 mark, which makes the tech sector to remain a man’s world.

How can we bridge the gap?

  • Females should consider technology as a career option and they should get rid of all fears associated with If a woman can differentiate a cheap Gucci handbag from a real one, then she most definitely does anything.
  • They should be provided with sufficient information regarding what it is like to work in the tech sector and should be provided with numerous career options to proceed further once they complete their graduation.
  • They must also be exposed to more female role models who can instill faith in the doubtful many that the women can make it big in the tech industry and get rid of the misconception that technology, as a career is not for women.
  • Moreover, women should be encouraged to set foot in the tech world rather than hold themselves back thinking that it is a male-dominated
  • Further, tech organizations must provide a comfortable work environment encouraging more women to choose tech as a career and highlight the fact that technology for women can make the world a better place.