5 Ways Technology Will Transform the Human Body in the Next Decade

Technology has indeed touched every aspect of the human life including the human body as well. Be it in the form of spectacles to enhance your eyesight, laser surgeries to correct defects, or pacemakers/stents to keep your heart functioning well, technology has made its mark within the human body. Thus, it is only right to say that technology is and will continue to transform the human body.

Here are 5 different ways showing how technology might or will transform each one of us over the next ten years.

  1. Life in a Chip

Chips are nothing new or surprising. They are already in existence and are being used in several fields. However, there will come a time where the complete history of a person including his/her personal details will be embedded into a chip and implanted within the body. Hence, the next time you need any info from a person, just make sure to scan his/her chip for a complete history.

  1. Robo-Super Body

Have you ever watched the film “RoboCop”? If an idea of such a degree could be made into a movie, it is only a matter of time that it hits reality. Robotics is already in place and in no time will man exploit it to hi/her benefit such as to aid people who are partially/fully paralyzed, to help in army combats or in any other field that requires above normal strength to get going.

  1. Organ Makeover

This trend is already picking up the pace with many of them going under the knife to enhance their breast, lips, buttocks, penis and other visible organs of their body. Occurrences of plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures are clearly on the rise and the future is simply setting the stage to improve these using sophisticated technologies in the name of body modeling tools, programmable stem cells, and invasive microsurgeries. Sexuality and beauty are two things that will never go extinct and have no limits. Thus, until the time you decide on which technology to adopt, try something from https://cumswingwithme.com/pages/how-to-hang-sex-swing to turn on your partners.

  1. Organ Creation

Makeover or remake is one thing whereas creating something new from scratch is totally a different thing. With many people in dire need of organ transplants or need for a missing organ and with the limited availability and increased human trafficking for these organs, this is definitely one interesting field that will be widely appreciated and anticipated.

  1. Masterpiece Babies

If organs are a start, then you can imagine to what extent our scientists will go. Today, test tube babies are a huge success but the future will walk the extra mile to design picture perfect babies with the help of gene editing or gene correction technology that will be capable of producing babies as per the parents’ desire.